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A short few decades ago bathrooms were closets with plumbing, hence the term “water closet”. These days, when renovating, home designers and architects dedicate plenty of space for bathrooms. The reason for this is simple, people want it because it’s luxurious and pleasant to have plenty of room to create their own personal oasis. Luxury bathrooms are becoming more common in home renovations. In addition to being a great place to relax and unwind they also significantly increase the resale value of your home. Something to keep in mind when remodelling your bathroom, particularly when its within or adjacent to a master suite is that openness is your friend.

Creating a flow between the master suite and the ensuite will make both spaces feel larger. It will also increase convenience in the overall space. A large stand alone tub can act as a gorgeous and substantial focal point of the entire design. For the shower, consider extending the open feel by investing in an all-glass enclosure or even an entirely open shower. If you have the space you can also enclose the toilet in it’s own nook for added privacy. Finally consider adding a sitting area with a bench or an oversized chair for added beauty and convenience.

This recently remodelled bathroom features a curb-less shower design with flowing pebbles spilling out from the shower enclosure and continues under the tub. In contrast with the simple brick lay tile, this tile design draws your eye to the gorgeous stand alone tub and tub filler. The shower features multiple sprayer heads, a rain shower head, and a hand wash wand on an adjustable sliding bar. The floating bench with a linear drain maximizes the shower area. Note our signature niche, where your bath products are conveniently located. The overhead chandelier, sconces above the mirror, and the dimmable pot lights create an interesting and dynamic layered approach to lighting offering many lighting options from a romantic bubble bath to those simple day to day tasks.

Calgary Renovation Bearspaw Master bathroom Flowing tile shownCalgary Renovation Bearspaw Master bathroom view of bedroom from bathroomCalgary Renovation Bearspaw Master bathroom Shower shown


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Take a look at this recently completed project by HDMI Designs, we love the fact that our clients left the main bathroom to our designers imagination.

A vertical strip including the backs of the niches then continuing across the floor and up the opposite wall creates a wrapped look, enhancing this bathtub area. A glass shelf allows bathing products to be stored within easy reach. Tile wainscoting continues on throughout the bathroom walls because getting your parents all wet beats the terrible notion of being required to take a bath — not to mention being sent to bed later.

You probably already know how rough children can be on walls, especially in tight places. Installing wainscoting not only will help protect your sheetrock from dents and scratches, be much easier to clean, but it will add character to the space.

You might be tempted to keep a small bathroom like this one all white or neutral colours, By adding a feature to a small, enclosed space you add a certain charm to the room. It also offers a good bit of contrast to the matching light grey tub tile, floor tile, and wainscoting tile, which only highlights the detail.

Renovations should be fun and exciting, letting the creative energies flow delivers a beautiful one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


Calgary Bearspaw Renovation vertical tile accent wainscoting          Calgary Bearspaw Renovation vertical tile accent with matching wainscoting 2


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People were born to be unique! so, why would you want to live in a cookie cutter house? Customizing your home during a renovation or a remodel should be as easy as selecting a phone cover! Few people know what a skilled tradespeople can offer. With the help of a designer who understands the true need of it’s clients anything can be accomplished. This was a surprise for one of our recent clients, we designed this vanity so the bottom drawer pulls out as a step so their children can more easily access the sink. Hand-crafted out of solid oak, and stained to match the rest of the cabinets, this vanity is far more appealing then buying one from a chain store. Almost anything in your imagination, or ours, can be made custom for you and your family. Take a look at this beautiful one of a kind vanity.

Calgary Bearspaw Renovation Kitchen


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Where to begin is always the problem that everyone faces because of the immense choices presented, but have no worry! Let us break it down for you.


The biggest decision to make is what type of material suits your life style. In elegance, you have the choice between Granite, Marble or Quartz.


Granite is a strong rustic stone resistant to mould, mildew, bacteria and scratching. Unique in nature the igneous rock is formed by magma flows leaving behind distinct one of a kind patterns only obtained in Granite. Granite is second only to diamonds in toughness, but can still crack under it’s own weight. Granite does require refinishing once or twice a year.


Marble is a gift from ancient times. Historically many famous buildings and sculptures have been constructed using marble. Being soft in nature due to its high calcium carbonate leaves marble vulnerable to acidic compounds meaning even soda can etch an unsightly ring into your beautiful marble. Marble can be refinished if necessary.


Quartz the newest material to make the scene; consisting of 93% quartz and 7% synthetic polymers. Quartz is incredibly strong and cannot be stained by any product on earth. Flexibility of Quartz is second to none. When considering counter tops have a significantly high rate of breakage during installation, flexibility is a major subject to touch on. Quartz’s Achilles heel comes in the form of sunlight. Sunlight will fade Quartz and you cannot refinish it.


I hope this enlightens you on your choice of the countertop that suits your style.

With so many choices and styles we love working closely with Pacific Granite and Stone. They offer some of the best selections of quality materials worldwide. With a huge inventory they carry some of the most beautiful stone on the planet!


Are you ready to bring your dream to life?

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Winter Renovations – Do or Delay?

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Most of the leaves fallen and chilly mornings are upon us, it’s clear winter is right around the corner and postponing your renovation until the spring sounds like a great idea, but is it really? The truth is winter time provides many benefits to renovating. With subcontractor availabilities opening up winter renovations can be completed amazingly fast. With HDMI’s proven success record and streamlined high detail renovations you can quite possibly have that dream kitchen just in time to make all your family members envious over the Holiday Season!

If renovating during the winter months holds no appeal to you, expediting your spring or summer renovations now will allow more flexibility and customization to truly make your home one of a kind in the new year. Now is a great time to start with concept drawings, permits, and material selections to be fine tuned and ordered.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call and let us fulfill your dreams!


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Shoveling Snow


Change your home not your address.

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Well it’s fall in Calgary, and it’s quite common for homeowners to decide to embark on the renovation project they have been contemplating for sometime.

Having multiple bathrooms in most high-end homes is the norm in Calgary. Along with the kitchen, and master bedroom, the ensuite is also deemed to be among the most important and valuable of spaces in your home. That is why many homeowners are willing to invest in creating an exquisite bathroom as a personal sanctuary.

The essential requirements in creating lavish bathrooms are; a well thought out design, and spending smartly on functional bathroom features. Investing in high-end materials and finishes, like the fixtures and flooring, can vastly improve not only the bathroom’s aesthetic appeal, but also the house’s overall value.

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The importance of floor protection

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Renovating a home can be a very messy exercise here at Hdmi we’ve seen the importance of protecting the products you care about most. Your hardwood, carpet or tile; harbors large amounts of traffic on a day-to-day basis. Normally your floors only need to stand up to socks, but when contactors break ground the floors need to be safeguarded. Using top quality floor protection is the best and only solution. For hardwoods and tile the only acceptable protector is high quality ram board. Ram board is an extremely strong cardboard like material that is very difficult to puncher and can absorb kinetic energy very well. The first step in any renovation is the application of ram board to all hardwood and tile in the home. For carpet we use a very special self-adhesive carpet protector allowing for a no tape application. Protecting the floors not only keeps out paint, dust and debris, but it also allows for the grand reveal at the end of the project.

Don’t take your floors for granted! Give us a call and have it done right.

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