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I wish I had hired a Designer.” is a common phrase from anyone who has ever tried to renovate. Even smaller projects can hide troublesome situations behind your walls and in your ceiling.  Experienced professionals apply their skills to minimize down time and keep the renovation flowing.

Save Time! 

From the moment you decide to renovate it is crucial to have someone on your side who understands the process of renovating. Structural choices in the beginning can significantly impact the final result and even if your dream can be finished. A design Build Firm will guide you by bringing a wealth of information and time saving techniques to keep your project on track and on budget. Having up to date knowledge on building science Design Build Firms can streamline the permitting process allowing you to have quick permits with minimal revisions. Low quality or incomplete documents can delay projects months and waste your time waiting in the permit office. Your time is valuable! Chasing down contractors, picking up material and hauling garbage is not something you should be doing! A Design Build Firm will take care of this for you and more, with only one point of contact.

Don’t wish you had hired a Designer.

Save your time! Give us a call.


Dwayne Smolnicky blog

From concept through construction HDMI knows having a plan is the most important key to a successful renovation. With cutting edge 3D modelling software we can show you the finial result before demolition begins letting you sleep easy knowing you’re getting exactly what you desire. Working closely with our designer as we walk through your home we identify what is most important to you, we take careful measurements and pictures of your home for creating the 3d model. Then using a hands on approach we incorporate your ideas and present multiple design layouts of how your renovation will appear after completion.

Want to see your dreams a reality? What are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

Customer Cabinets Feature To Kick Drawers


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Use every last inch of space with an innovative Toe-Kick Drawer. Ideal for storing items that you use only once in a while, or making some things more accessible for the little ones in the house. Opens with just a tap; no hands or hardware required.

Use these drawers to store cookie sheets, baking pans, serving platters and holiday utensils, keep them neatly tucked away until you need them.

By far the easiest and best way to install toe kick storage is to order it with new cabinets. Customizable cabinets offer a wide range of creative ideas that can maximize storage in the kitchen, bathrooms, wet bars, and entertainment centres.

If you have existing kitchen cabinets, we may be able to retrofit some drawers that will slip underneath your cabinets. It can then be finished with base molding to match. (The drawer itself, however, will be several inches narrower than the cabinet it fits under because of the required drawer support.)

We love this idea for storing pet bowls. When your furry family members are done eating, just push the drawer back in. Design Note: Ensure that the location of your pet drawer won’t block any main walkways, especially during busy times.

We’ve also built for our clients a pullout step in the bottom drawer location, to help the little ones when they are brushing their teeth.

If you are considering a renovation, or even a kitchen remodel in Calgary or surrounding area. Give us a call and find out how we can customize your vanity cabinets and maximize your storage potential!

Enjoy additional storage with your next Kitchen Remodel. HDMI Designs Calgary Renovations

Enjoy additional storage with your next Kitchen Remodel. HDMI Designs Calgary Renovations

Vanity in bearspaw calgary with a step.

Custom crafted vanity with pull out step.



Custom Crafted Cabinetry in Rosemont, Calgary by HDMI Designs


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Check out this kitchen from a recently completed renovation in the community of Rosemont nestled in the inner city of  NW Calgary, Alberta. With a premium cabinet package from Merit Kitchens, HDMI Designs was able to deliver a top shelf product. In total we installed 12 4″ LED pot lights with dimmable switches to compliment the double bright dimmable under cabinet lighting, allowing our client to set the perfect mood for any occasion. These beautifully custom crafted cabinets and laminate counter tops from Merit Kitchens brought this kitchen together replicating our clients vacation property in Canmore, Alberta. In this kitchen remodel we added many new appliances including a counter top Dual-Fuel Wolf range which required the installation of a new gas line, a Jenn Air Double Oven mounted within the cabinetry, a Jenn Air refrigerator and an Asko Dishwasher. Highlighting the sink we installed a Kindred’s Mythos series Onyx granite sink with a powerful In-Sink-Erator ‘garburator’ creating a breath taking mount for the Moen 1H Arc pull down faucet. When choosing tile we focused on white subway tile to offer a clean and traditional appeal. Renovating is never an easy accomplishment, but we are proud to showcase this kitchen.


Rosemont Calgary HDMI Kitchen Renovation V3 Rosemont Calgary HDMI Kitchen Renovation V2 Rosemont Calgary Kitchen Renovation V1


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Susan Ashton over at Ashton Mortgages has some great tips about contractor lingo that everyone should know!

“Lately I’ve had a lot of clients musing about home renovations so I thought it prudent to do a piece on hiring a contractor. It can be intimidating, and this is especially true if you’re unfamiliar with their industry language or lingo.

A great deal of the typical contractor jargon relates to the process of setting the price for the home renovations. If you can speak with authority about the cost of the job, the process for hiring a contractor becomes less intimidating. Here are a few key terms to help get you through the home renovation process.

Contractor Estimate
At its core, every price a contractor provides is an estimate of the labor and materials it will take to complete your project. For an estimate, the property owner merely tells the contractor what they would like to have accomplished. The contractor is then left to to describe what you will see and give allowances for items that make up the price. In residential construction, an estimate or proposal generally is not a firm price.

The alternative to an estimate is a bid, which means the contractor or subcontractor gives you a firm price after examining the scope and details of the project at hand. Detailed bids may vary greatly from contractor to contractor if they are not provided the same project information. The size of the company may also affect their bid as a small one-man operation will have far lower overhead costs than a company with many services and employees.

Rough Order of Magnitude
The Rough Order of Magnitude is useful in narrowing down and selecting the contractor with whom you want to work, but it doesn’t tell you exactly what your project will cost. [It] usually entails allowances based on square foot and unit costs, and extrapolation from other projects of similar size and scope, but no specifics.

Cost-Plus / Time and Materials Contract
When a contractor [has a realistic] estimate as a basis for a construction contract, it is usually called a time and materials or cost plus contract. The “plus” in the estimate is a contractor’s markup for overhead (sometimes called a contractor’s fee) that is applied to some or all of the costs of the project.

Key Takeaway for anyone planning Home Renovations
While the theory of getting multiple quotes or bids for your home renovations seems to be of
Home Renovations Contractor Dictionaryhigh importance to most people, it is even more important to make sure the general contractors are providing the same scope of work, high-quality workmanship, and quality products and that they will be around after the sale to provide follow up and warranty service if needed. It’s important to choose a licensed contractor, with good references, and a history of quality work who can trust to guide you through the home renovations process.

Remember too, home renovations can be rolled into your mortgage for the least expensive way to finance them. Call (403-804-7002) or email (susan@ashtonmortgages.ca) me to get more details.

Happy renovating!”

Orignial Article: http://ashtonmortgages.ca/home-renovations-contractor-pricing-lingo/


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What better way to start the New Year than with your dream home?

New Year’s resolutions are an age-old tradition, as the advent of a new year promises a new beginning, a new opportunity to tackle nagging projects, and clean the proverbial house. It’s an opportunity for new and improved living as every new day should be, but something about the January 1st delineates the past from the present. Perhaps some of it has to do with all the presents that were just opened, getting rid of the old to make way for the new. So as we all make our list about the goals we set for ourselves for self-improvement and home-improvement; near the top of the list should be de-cluttering your home. Make a list of those unfinished projects waiting to be completed. Whether it is a half finished airplane model or an antique chair that needs an arm glued, give it a time and a place or get rid of it! It is often said that one’s personal space and environment is a reflection of the mind; de-cluttering your home and restoring order will provide mental clarity and peace.

Every New Year brings the opportunity to adopt better, more productive habits. HDMI has a new set of strong goals for 2016. HDMI will stay on the cutting edge of construction trends and vow to bring green building and emerging technologies to you. HDMI will also be more efficient by utilizing new programs and mobile technology being implemented in 2016, our clients will receive a new generation of renovations.

Taking care of our reputation by taking care of our customers has established HDMI Designs Inc. as a dependable innovative and financially sound company and we owe it all to YOU – Our customers, team, trade partners, friends and family! May you and your family experience peace, love, prosperity and good heath in the New Year!


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Susan Ashton over at Ashton Mortgages got together some of the best realtors in Calgary to give you their experienced opinions on how you can renovate to add value to your home! Check it out!

“We’ve seen sales slow and prices drop slightly in the Calgary housing market and this is cyclical – we’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again. When this happens, there is also another trend: renovations.

If homeowners were thinking of selling, many are holding off for now but many decide to make some changes to their home – update the areas that were why they were going to sell in the first place.

Not all renovations are created equal, however. Some you do for you: you plan to stay in the home for a longer period of time and the renovations just make it liveable for you. There are others that you do in order for it to sell quickly in the Calgary housing market, and at a better price, when it comes time.

I thought it would be interesting to get some input from some of Calgary’s top Realtors about what renovations they see adding the most value to a homier the current Calgary housing market. Here’s what they had to say Continue reading…


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Here at HDMI we know the stress renovating can have on you and your family. With our experience we have learned that moving out during your renovation is generally the best and most cost effective choice you can make. With our help moving out is simple and forgetting about all the stress, is even simpler.

If you have not experienced a renovation before staying in your home seems like an appealing proposal. If you plan to remove or change major aspects of your home, you should really be aware of the dangers. Airborne particles like drywall dust, insulation and fumes from paints and stains are released into your home during a renovation. These hazards and more along with the dangers they present are harmful to both you and your family.


HDMI has a strong belief in dust control, but even the mightiest polythene barriers cannot stop everything. Be prepared for dust to show up everywhere including your pillow and even in your sock drawers, even if it seems scientifically impossible. Budgeting for a rental property not only keeps your family safe it also allows contractors full access to the site so your home renovation can be completed in record time.


There are many advantages to staying in your home during your renovation for instance you are always on site and know exactly what has been done although clients of HDMI Designs have full access to our cloud based system to explore their renovation from the comfort of their laptop. For all the stress you may save by not moving during your renovation you will surely receive it again in the form of constant cleaning and constant interruptions to your daily life.


Ideally most people believe they will save money by staying in their home, but truthfully it is quite the opposite. Contractor’s costs are reduced for clients who choose to leave their homes, knowing there will be less costs in interim clean-up, knowing mechanical work will not be a significant interruption, and knowing full focus can be spent on the project at hand.

We hope this post has helped you decide between staying and going during your renovation! Stay tuned for more exciting posts from HDMI!



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Originally an office our clients wanted us to change this room into a bedroom for their two youngest daughters. So much space is lost in the inaccessibility of a standard bi fold door closet.

With careful planning and carpentry we transferred this room into a pretty arrangement for all those cardigans and stripped leggings. This closet features four custom sliding doors on separate rails allowing them to be stacked on either side or any combination of opened or closed. This allows little ones easy access to their toys or clothes, and makes it easier for Mom and Dad to keep things tidy and tucked away. The interior features custom storage towers with drawers, and a motion sensing light that brings the closet to life when the doors are opened.

We strive to provide quality functionally designed projects for each and every one of our clients to make their homes and lives uniquely beautiful. We hope to inspire anyone who is searching for innovative and interesting walk-in closet ideas!

Calgary Bearspaw Renovation Custom Closet Concept

Calgary Bearspaw Renovation Custom Closet Open

Calgary Bearspaw Renovation Custom Closet Closed