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HDMI Designs strives to build the very best home we can possibly build. However, remodelling a home requires working with a large variety of products and coordinating subcontractors and vendors to assemble those products correctly. So, despite our best efforts, sometimes, some issues may need to be dealt with under warranty.

Smile knowing you home renovation is protected for 2 years

HDMI Designs strives to build the very best home we can possibly build. However, remodeling a home requires working with a large variety of products and coordinating subcontractors and vendors to assemble those products correctly. So, despite our best efforts, sometimes, some issues may need to be dealt with under warranty.

We understand the importance of the quality standards that should come with your home renovation, and that you have made a large investment and it should function properly.

This is why we stand behind our work with a Home Renovation Warranty (HRW).

HDMI’s Home Renovation Warranty provides comprehensive protection, and welcomes peace of mind, from the moment a homeowner engages with us until two years after the work is substantially completed.

HRW is a Two Year Limited Materials & Workmanship Warranty.

In order to manage your warranty effectively, we have developed the procedures outlined below. These procedures are designed to make the warranty process efficient and effective, and they have been developed over time based on our extensive experience. Please familiarize yourself with these procedures so that you will know what to expect from the warranty process during your first year.

The Project Manager is the person responsible for your renovation as well as servicing your Two-Year Warranty, and fields warranty emails from customers and logs these items into our warranty software program.

There Are 3 Different Categories Of Warranty Service:

– 3 Month Warranty Follow-up Service

– 1 Year Warranty Follow-up Service

– Emergency Request

– Major issues will be dealt with on a case-to-case basis within a reasonable time frame upon receiving a written notice from the client.

3 Month Warranty Follow-up Service

Our Project Manager will review the request and if there are warranty issues covered by the HRW, the Project Manager will schedule with you a date and time for those items to be completed that is at least 30 days after the 3 Month Visit. This is to ensure the Project Manager has enough time to schedule each trade/vendor and to make sure any required materials are ordered and delivered on time.

On the day of your scheduled warranty work, please make sure that someone is at home during the scheduled time and remains there while work is being performed. Once all items have been completed, you will be asked to sign the Warranty Request List indicating your acknowledgement that the 3 Month Warranty Request List has been completed.

1 Year Warranty Follow-up Service

In the event that you have Warranty Items that need to be addressed at this time, The process will work the same way as the 3 Month Warranty Visit. Again, you will be asked to initial the list of Warranty Requests generated at the 1 Year Visit at completion indicating your acknowledgement that the appropriate repairs have been made.

Emergency Repair Request

An Emergency Repair Request will be accepted at any time.

Examples of Emergency Repair Requests are as follows:

– Mechanical failure (i.e. an air conditioner or water heater malfunction)

– Water leak

– Smell of Gas, or CO2 alarm in your home

If the Emergency occurs outside of normal business hours, please call your Project Mangers cell phone number. In most cases, this number can be found on a stick on your electrical panel.

One Time Repairs*

As your home adjusts to varying seasonal conditions during your first year of your renovation, certain items may require maintenance such as:

– Caulking separation or cracks

– Grout separation or cracks

– Countertop separation from the wall

– Nail pops in drywall

– Stress cracks in dry wall where new walls have joined with existing walls

These items are available for a one-time repair, which can be scheduled during either your 3 Month or 1 Year Visit. We advise waiting until the 1 Year Visit to schedule these so that you get the maximum benefit of the repair.


We strive to keep our customers informed about the status of their Warranty Requests as often as possible. However, certain situations require that we find answers to questions from our vendors and other trades. Sometimes these answers are not available immediately and take time to obtain. If this situation applies to you, we will do our best to obtain information as quickly as possible.

General Notes on Warranty Work

In order for HDMI Designs Inc. to properly manage our warranty system, all Warranty Requests must be submitted in writing via email or if you have access to our warranty software, warranty items may be requested through the warranty page online.

Warranty Requests must be made in writing within 10 days of discovery of defect.

Warranty Repairs will only be scheduled to begin and end during normal business hours of M-F 8am-5pm. We DO NOT schedule warranty work (except for emergencies) on weekends or after business hours. Our subcontractors and vendors typically work only during normal business hours so these are the only times that work can be performed. In addition, HDMI Designs Inc. does not have staff available on weekends to handle service requests properly. We realize that this can often create a problem with work schedules and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Some warranty repairs may require visits from more than one trade. When this happens, we do our best to schedule all the trades on the same day but some cases require multiple trades, and therefore multiple days, to complete. You will be required to be at home or provide access to your home during each of those days in order for us to complete the work.

You will be asked to initial each item on the 3 Month and 1 Year Warranty Request Forms when the work has been completed signifying that the work has been done to your satisfaction. We ask for the initials in order for us to keep a record of quality control. If you choose not to initial an item after the work has been performed and the Project Manager determines that the work has been done to our Building Quality Standards, he will note that on the form and initial it himself for our files.

Driveways, Concrete cracks and Landscaping are not covered under your Limited Warranty Agreement in most cases, but please note Construction Performance Guide for more information on these items.

The Construction Performance Guide for New Home Warranty in Alberta is one of a number of resources created to support the implementation of the New Home Buyer Protection Act by providing information and guidance to the general public, as well as homeowners, home buyers, builders, warranty providers, and other stakeholders involved in the construction and sale of homes.

The introductory sections of the Guide summarize key aspects of the legislation, and the bulk of the Guide catalogs issues commonly discovered in the first few years of the life of a home. The Guide indicates whether an issue can be defined as a defect under the legislation and explains the actions homeowners can expect warranty providers and builders to take to resolve those defects. The New Home Buyer Protection Office has produced this guide in order to ensure that homeowners, builders, and warranty providers alike clearly understand their rights and responsibilities under the terms of the New Home Buyer Protection Act.

In the following link you will see what is covered as a deficiency, our responsibility to correct that deficiency and what is normal under the construction performance guidelines.

While your home renovation is NOT covered under the New Home Warranty in Alberta. HDMI Designs Inc. adheres to these guidelines and performance guide for our renovation services.

All appliances, fixtures, and building materials carry their own manufactures warranties and as such are warrantied accordingly.

Warranty Limitations

(1) Commencement of the warranty takes effect after the date of substantial completion and expires two years after that date. (2) Warranty is limited to a minimum job size of $25,000 (CND). (3) The home renovation shall be free from defects caused by faulty workmanship or defective materials due to non-compliance with building standards. (4) A claim under these warranties must be reported to the Project manager, in writing within 10 days of discovery, minor issues will be dealt with according to HDMI standard check ups at three month, twelve month intervolves; Major issues will be dealt with on a case-to-case basis within a reasonable time frame upon receiving a written notice from the client. (5) Manufacturer defects on products that are (or offered) warranty through third party companies are not covered under this warranty (Appliances); Improper product installation falls within the coverage; Mediation by HDMI between subcontractors and the client for improper installation may be limited. (6) Warranty is only honoured for the current owner of the property during which the renovation was completed. If ownership is transferred to a new owner this warranty becomes void. (7) Warranty becomes void if; construction work has been subject to an accident, misuse or abuse; construction work has been modified, altered, defaced or had repairs made or attempted by anyone other then HDMI. (8) Under no circumstances shall HDMI be liable by virtue of this warranty or otherwise for damage to any person or property whatsoever for any special, indirect, secondary or consequential damages of any nature however arising out of the use or inability to use because of the construction defect. (9) This warranty does not cover or hold HDMI responsible for any damages caused directly or indirectly by environmental conditions during which HDMI or subcontractors working on behalf of HDMI are conducting work on the site; or during which the job is under warranty conditions. (10) Deficiency vs warranty; at no point will warranty work be preformed on a deficiency. Deficiencies are defined as: “A lack of completion”; Warranties are defined as “completed work where in defect(s) go unnoticed or appear some time after completion”. (11) Contract price must be paid in full before warranty takes effect.