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Our 5 Star Process

The first step to building your dream home starts with a simple phone call. This allows HDMI to establish compatibility with respect to our collective expectations.

We will then call you to set up an appointment to meet with your Project Manager. Our Project Manager will be your sole point of contact throughout the entire project. This process simplifies the sometimes-chaotic logistics that arise when renovating.

During this meeting we will discuss who HDMI is, the project scope, the contract, budget and time line expectations.

  1. Questionnaire
  2. Project Manager appointment
  3. Get to know HDMI
  4. Determine what a successful project means to you.
  5. Contract, project scope, budget and timeline expectations discussed.

Once we receive the approval from the client and the design retainer is in place. The design stage begins. To start we will take full measurements of the project areas then create full sets of blue prints along with state of the art 3d renderings of your project. We will then set up a design meeting to interpret and present the drawings.

If the floor plans are approved you will be presented with a detailed estimation of what the job may cost and spec sheet. We will then present our contract.
Before the execution of the construction stage a deposit cheque is required.

  1. Design retainer
  2. Location analysis conducted
  3. Blueprints created
  4. 3d Rendering created
  5. Design meeting with clients
  6. Blueprint approval
  7. Detailed estimate and spec sheet presented
  8. Contract signatures
  9. Deposit cheque received
Before the construction is initiated the client will meet with their Project Manager who will guide them through their “shopping stage”. The shopping stage is an exciting part of your home renovation, but it is also a very time sensitive stage. The client will also receive login information for HDMI’s unique online software.

During the shopping stage your home will be photographed by a professional photographer: highlighting any pre-damage in areas not contracted to be renovated, for staging & reset purposes, and for the “before and after” photos collection. We will then pack you up and move you and your possessions to a safe location (if applicable). Preconstruction protection will be applied throughout the project. During this time HDMI’s Project Manager will be meeting with each sub trade and supplier to create a concrete time line, and job cost.

Time lines will be submitted to both the client and sub trades ensuring completion date is met. A few days before demolition begins a disposable bin will arrive at the project site as well as a preconstruction meeting will be held. During this meeting we will discuss: hours of construction, clean up, washroom facilities as well as any other issues that need to be addressed and clarified. A second deposit cheque is required at this time. Demolition will begin shortly after.

Only WBC cleared sub trades and employees will be allowed on site. (All forms will be viewable online) Plumbing and gas lines in affected areas of the project will be disconnected. Demolition will begin and sub trades will work hard to complete the job with extremely keen eyes for detail. The Project Manager will be on- site daily when sub trades are present to ensure top quality workmanship. Inspections will be conducted at city-enforced junctures.

  1. Shopping stage
  2. Login information
  3. Photographs
  4. Pack up and move out
  5. Pre construction protection
  6. Sub trade and supplier meetings
  7. Time line creation
  8. Disposal bin arrives
  9. Preconstruction meeting
  10. Second deposit cheque
  11. Plumbing and gas line disconnection
  12. Demolition
  13. Construction trades.
After each trade and supplier has satisfactorily completed each segment of the project a total home cleaning is scheduled including window cleaning, duct and furnace cleaning. A walk-through meeting is then conducted with the client and all if any deficiencies are recorded. The deficiencies are concluded up to 10 business days post move in date. All your possessions are returned and unpacked into your new home. After photographs will be taken at this time. The home is then turned over to the client.

  1. Final trade inspection by Project Manager
  2. Complete home cleaning
  3. Walk through
  4. Deficiencies list created
  5. Home unpacking and staging
  6. After Photographs
  7. Turn over
Up to 10 business days after completion (if any) deficiencies are concluded.
The client will receive a 3 month follow up and 1 year follow up from the move in date to address any incidentals that may have arisen. All workmanship is warrantied for 2 years. All appliance and fixtures carry their own manufactures warranties and as such are warrantied accordingly.

  1. 10-day deficiency conclusion
  2. 3 month follow up
  3. 1 year follow up

What to Expect

  1. Read and sign the contract
  2. Acquire Lot, Plan and Site information of your property
  3. Notify your insurance company and advise them that your property is under construction and ensure that you have proper coverage during the process
  4. Notify your alarm company that the property will be accessed over the next several weeks by construction workers and provide an alternate contact number if necessary and provide HDMI with your temporary alarm code or password
  5. Notify your bank that you will be making large cheques over the next while by bank draft, certified cheque or money order so they can assist you in the process
  6. Ensure your valuables and priceless or irreplaceable items have been removed by you personally prior to the commencement of construction
  7. Be prepared for the process to be emotional. Seeing your house for the first time after demolition can been overwhelming. Remember to be patient and breathe and trust in the process
  8. You will need to coordinate your visits and access with HDMI. All construction will stop when you are on site for your safety and the safety of others
  9. While your completion date is an absolutely goal, the schedule will ebb and flow to ensure that the completion date is met. While some things may take longer than anticipated, other things can occur quickly. We are dedicated and devoted to delivering your project on time but not every delay will result in a change to the completion date
  10. If there are any deficiencies or touch ups on your completion date, these will be recorded in writing and completed to your satisfaction in a timely manner
  11. If we move you out, you can make arrangements to have access to your personal belongings, however we encourage you to take everything you think you will need during the construction process
  12. You will have a lot of questions during the process. Write them down so they are not forgotten and deal with them collectively during your scheduled meetings and/or through the client login on our website
  13. As we progress with your job we may be offering upgrades and/or different selections, normally 10-20% of the cost of the job

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