Inspections – A Corner Stone Of Renovations

Dwayne Smolnicky blog

It’s all too easy to overlook how important it is for inspectors to be diligent about safeguards and guidelines. If you’re preparing for or in the middle of a renovation make sure to be ready for the inspections, compliance orders and yes, even costly delays that can sometimes accompany them. After all they’re ultimately there for you and your families safety.

When you remodel or add on to your home you are most likely re-routing electrical and plumbing, moving walls, adding foundation or changing the structure of the home. Even when using a professional and having the appropriate permits filed, having an inspector “pass” or “fail” the work in various stages is a smart thing to do.
Keep in mind the home inspector is looking to check and ensure the work has been done up to code and is safe. Improper construction habits or safety oversights can have devastating effects. They will not assess if the builder or contractor is doing a good job or not.

All home renovations should include home inspection intervals. A qualified builder or contractor will be familiar with this process. In general, the inspection should occur after major steps are completed, like electrical work.

Of course, waiting to have each stage checked by a home inspector can add to the overall schedule. The original schedule, drawn up prior to construction, should include each inspection stage.

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