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Here is a raw and honest perspective from Amy van Meiji over at Dutch Touch Interiors. She explains the struggles arising in her own renovation. As much as I try to explain this to clients who are not in the field, I can’t seem to be able to describe the discomfort of living in the house during a renovation, especially if you decide this a DIY project. In addition to not having hot water for a few days, your bathroom being torn apart for weeks on end, the endless dust, there is always an emotional factor, an impact on your relationships, on your day to day routine. Amy van Meiji is an interior designer, she does an amazing job, she knows renovations, and the process. In the following post Amy opens up and lays it all out on the line, and explains how even a seasoned veteran in the business can get caught up in the world of renovations.

“The Reality Is…

The reality is that this renovation has caused massive stress on myself personally, on my guy personally and on our relationship with one another. Our work styles are different; our planning requirements are different; we have different ideas about how quickly or when things should get done. And these differences are causing a breakdown between us. Our communication lines, which we work so hard to be open and honest with each other, have shut down. We couldn’t escape the work because it was all around us. There isn’t a single room that isn’t being touched and, for a period of time, there wasn’t a single place of reprieve anywhere in our home.

The stress not only took it’s toll on our relationship but my mental game and my drive to create a wonderfully successful business was being gutted like a fish. Every day I’d have to pick myself up, tell myself that “we’re gonna get there” and step into my office in the hopes of, well to be honest, make money. The stress from starting up a business, in a tough economy no less, was fracturing me from the inside out. Worry about how I was going to make it all work, where would my next client come from, am I going to have enough to pay my bills this month – this ate at me, still eats at me, almost daily.

About 6 months into our renovation I had the idea to launch a webinar to help other homeowners struggling with their renovation by giving them solid, useful information and offering a package of services at a smoking price. I was already feeling the stress of our reno and felt that, at that point, my guy and I had been doing pretty well considering. Fast forward a few months and my first webinar was pretty well a no-show but I had a few clients all of a sudden sign on for projects. I set the webinar aside for now since the work seemed to be pouring in.

Then the bottom fell out.”

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