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We’ve developed a 5 star process that makes YOU the VIP. We take you from concept to construction through a detailed follow up and warranty plan, while addressing all of those incidentals along the way so you and your family can rest assured you will receive respectful communications, precision delivery; capable, competent and innovative workers guaranteed to create your dream home space that will wow your neighbours.

About Dwayne Smolnicky

A native Calgarian, with strict Eastern European parents,
Four trades tickets, and many years in the film business as a Set Decorator and Art Director, Dwayne knows project management.

With many years of personal development, Dwayne possesses unique qualities such as compassion, patience, and perspective, whether that is with family, friends, or clients.

Dwayne got his start in the film business in the set decorating department, his management skills quickly moved him up in ranks to a Set Decorator where he discovered his talents and passion for design, that along with his construction background made renovating a natural transition.

As an accomplished Art Director and Set Decorator, and a long list of credits from TV movies, and Feature Films, under the scrutiny of some of the most demanding Directors and Producers in the world, Dwayne knows Project Management, and just how disruptive renovating can be, but he also knows how to make it have the least amount of impact on you and your family.

Dwayne’s personal time is filled with support groups and volunteer work in and around Calgary. Dwayne has strong beliefs in supporting women and girls in the local community and internationally though programs like Dinning For Women, CARE, Calgary Women’s Shelter-Walk In Her Shoes Challenge and HeForShe.

About HDMI Designs


HDMI Designs is a design and build company that specializes in executive level service for homeowners seeking an inspired high end product. In an industry usually known for fear and anxiety HDMI stands beside you during the entire process because we love turning your dream home into reality. With a single point of contact, we take you from concept to reality while addressing all the incidentals along the way. Our 5 Star Process that makes YOU the VIP offers peace of mind and expertise guaranteeing a successful renovation with confidence.

In addition to a quality product we also offer these features to enhance your experience;

– 3D pre-construction concept drawings, displaying the finished product before your renovation even starts.

– Professional packing & move out services, including secured storage.

– Assist with relocation into suitable temporary accommodations during the renovation.

– Temporary day care for your plants during the renovation process.

– Complete your renovations in record time with guaranteed penalised timelines by the agreed upon date.

– Guaranteed accurate initial quotes *some restrictions apply

– Accompaniment in the material selection part of the process by one of our designers. Their insight will guide you through making the perfect choices.

– Cutting edge cloud based software provides you with secure access to all the details of your project so you can virtually see your renovation unfold at anytime.

– Projects receive detailed professional cleaning including windows, furnace and carpet if necessary.

– Post construction move in inclusive of hanging pictures, hooking up Telus/Shaw and all of your electronics.

The Hype is Real

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Core Values

We create relationships by committing to these values to guide our decisions and our behavior:

We treat our customers, and their surrounding community with the highest level of respect and we maintain the highest level of ethical and moral standards.

We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do. We are committed to selling and delivering high quality products and services.

We are resourceful in response to our customers rapidly-changing needs. We will make course corrections that highlight our ability to keep ourselves aligned with our customers, and honour the commitments that we have made to them.

We will ensure the health and safety of our working environment for our customers, our employees, and the surrounding communities; we make every effort to recycle wherever possible.

We accept responsibility for our actions. We make business decisions based upon experience and good judgment.

We sweep floors; no one in our company is above pushing a broom.


To take the client through our 5 Star Process of Qualification, Planning, Construction, Delivery, Follow Up & Warranty while addressing all the incidentals along the way. Our clients will receive respectful communication, precision delivery, and capable and competent workers all guaranteed to create their dream space for a homeowner seeking an inspired high end product with first class service.


To be the Yardstick by which all other renovators are measured for absolute customer service, integrity, and adding heart and soul into every project. Deliver the highest quality product and experience, and to build authentic relationships with our clients and business partners.