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Photo-Realistic 3D Design Services from HDMI Designs

At HDMI Designs, we offer cutting-edge, three-dimensional design services using the latest software tools. It’s like creating a virtual reality preview of your completed renovation, before investing in the actual build.

Your dreams become the exact reality you’ve always wanted, and all of your questions can be answered at the click of a button.

Our service includes:
  • A photo-realistic, 3D model of your home, office, workspace, or event area. Conduct a “virtual walkthrough” of the space before starting any renovations.
  • Using 3D directional tools, accurately visualize your perfect design with real-world lighting, materials, and perspectives. It’s as though you are living in the space and experiencing the completed project before any physical work has started.
  • Inspect various layers of the project – examine the framing, inner structures, and fine details. Using the virtual tape measure, verify dimensions and spacing. Make sure everything, even the smallest details, meets your requirements and expectations.
  • No more disappointment from picking the wrong colour, texture, or style – Preview every shade, material type, and texture, and change them until you are completely satisfied. You can even simulate different types of lighting, and the effect of light fixtures on the finished appearance. No more wondering if you’ve selected the perfect palette – simply see for yourself if it matches your expectations. Best of all, you can say goodbye to tiny material swatches and the guesswork that goes along with them.
  • Adjust the position of various elements – make sure completed rooms will be large enough, and preview furniture placements. Wonder what the view will be from the couch in the living room? No problem. Want to see if that island in the kitchen will take up too much space? Just have a look at the designs.
  • An exact materials list can be created from the drawings – stop paying for unnecessary overages or incorrect products, and know exactly how much your project will cost before getting started.
  • Access your completed 3D models anytime, anywhere, with online and offline storage. Create a customized view of your photo-realistic model with a few simple clicks.
What Will You Achieve?

With our three-dimensional, photo-realistic project models in hand, you have 100% confidence that your vision will be created to your exact taste and wishes. Every detail, based on the exact scale of the room, will clearly illustrate how everything will fit into the given space. Never again will you have to question what is or is not included in your project’s development.

Our design services can be used for construction drawings, commercial and residential renovations, leasing, rentals, retail spaces, landscaping, concept designs, and more!

You will also enjoy huge cost savings, as you will not be dropping cash for materials you don’t require, or shelling out for change orders to have a wall moved or a colour changed.

Best of all, you will have a successful, hassle-free construction or creation project!

Other Possibilities

Our 3D drawings can be used to create accurate building and construction quotes, material lists, and project management direction.

We offer full service design including: Space planning, design and concept development, furniture and art services, project management, drafting and architectural services, permit drawings and submissions, renderings and sketches, and LEED designed spaces.

Contact us today about how we can help with your construction and project management divisions.

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